About CCI Media

Home of the Woodworking Network

CCI Media, LLC is a business-to-business media company with an exclusive focus on wood products manufacturing in North America. Our umbrella brand: the “Woodworking Network” delivers up to the minute information to woodworking executives at more than 90,000 sites in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. With more than 30 print, digital, event, and data brands we help buyers connect to the right sellers.

Essential Content:
The need for well defined, market-specific business information has never been greater. With the proliferation of the Internet, information and data from blogs, websites, social media, and newsfeeds are flooding our offices daily. Some of it is fact, some opinion, some correct, some incorrect, some useful and some not. When it comes to quality, factual, market-specific business information, many businesspeople in today’s environment are exhausted by the sheer effort required to sort the wheat from the chaff. Our content team knows that solid B2B media brands provide essential, relevant information for businesspeople.

Working in today’s B2B environment, our content team provides four crucial functions on behalf of the woodworking executives and shop owners they serve; they amalgamate, interpret, prioritize, and present essential information employing complementary media products engineered to serve specific needs and address the most pressing issues these business owners face.

All Woodworking Network products are engineered to assist suppliers who seek innovative ways to utilize both proven and new information-delivery systems to engage core targeted audience segments with their brands.

More Than Twelve Years of Proven Industry Leadership

CCI Media was born in 2010 with the acquisition of CabinetMaker+FDM and its affiliated media brands from Watt Publishing. After stabilizing the brands in a turbulent market we experienced three solid years of exceptional growth in print and digital products. In 2015 CCI Media acquired the Woodworking Network brand and its products from Vance Publishing in Lincolnshire, IL and became the woodworking industry’s dominant media brand boasting more than 70% market share. In subsequent years, CCI Media has continued to grow through product launches and acquisitions of products that meet the changing needs of woodworking executives in North America.